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Blaise Mautin (French: born September 10, 1968) is a bespoke Parfumer, Designer, and Philanthropist with his own design brand, Blaise Mautin Parfumer Paris (BMPP).


Parfumer and Designer
Years active: 1999 – Present


French, English, Spanish


Knight of Arts and Letters –
Ministry of Culture (France)


Golden Lily of the French Patronage for the promotion of values,respect for human beings and young talents

Blaise Jean, Jacques, michel Mautin

Born: September 10, 1968 (age 50)
Occupation: Bespoke Parfumer, Designer, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist


Agnes Stetten-Pigasse
Patrick Mautin

Grandparents (Father’s side)
Denise Piel
Jacques Mautin

Grandparents (Mother’s side)
Simone Bagot
Jean Stetten-Pigasse

Great Grand Parents (father side)
Berthe Chauvière
Paul Piel

He is the son of Patrick Mautin (executive director at various companies) and Agnes Stetten-Pigasse (sculptor). He is the brother of Valerie Mautin. At the age of 18, Blaise left Paris and traveled to Spain, the United States, and England for the next three years. He has traveled extensively around the world ever since.

In 1999, Blaise Mautin established his own company dedicated to the fine art of perfumery and design. In 2000, he signed his first perfume deal for the 5-star luxury Hotel Bristol in Paris. In 2002, another 5-star hotel, the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme, partnered with Blaise Mautin for their signature scent. Blaise’s luxury perfume empire has continued to grow and expand since that time. It has spread around the world to the finest hotels, resorts, and haute couture fashion houses.

Extremely talented as a Parfumer and designer, Blaise embraces and is humbled by the motto of his new fragrance line “the world is yours” which expresses the essence of his first public offering of 10 inspired signature fragrances, launching in fall 2019.


Family Background

Au Nain Bleu (The Blue Dwarf) – For over 175 years, one of Paris’ most magical addresses was at 406 – 410 rue Saint Honore, Paris. There, this spectacular toy store showcased childhood treasures that built Its acclaimed heritage. The haute couture of the toy industry, Au Nain Bleu, fulfilled childhood fantasies with elaborate wooden doll houses, sturdy rocking horses, whimsical costumes, a large collection of smiling stuffed animals, and of course, Babar. The literal “FAO Schwartz of Paris” was founded in 1836 by Edouard Chauviere the grand father of Berthe Chauviere , Blaise’s great grand mother. His grandfather, Jean Stetten Bernard, designed the “mask logo” (indicated below) for Blaise Mautin. Jean also designed the famous logo of the French book collection called “Le Masque”, owned and created by Blaise’s great-grand father, Albert Pigasse, who launched Agatha Christie in France.

From 1919 to 1925, Albert Pigasse was a literary advisor to Éditions, Bernard Grasset. He founded a bookstore which became the Librairie des Champs-Élysées. In 1927, he created the collection “Le Masque” with the publication of number 1, Agatha Christie’s novel, “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd”. Thereafter, he published many British writers. By 1930, in order to encourage the emerging French writers, he created the prize for the adventure novel, a literary prize whose judges included Pierre Mac Orlan, Joseph Kessel, Maurice Constantin-Weyer, Francis Carco and Pierre Benoit.



*Saint-Jean De Passy – Paris and Cours Lafayette
*International Higher Institute of Perfume and Cosmetics and Food Aromatic (ISIPCA) – Versailles (Yvelines, France)
*Founding President of Blaise Mautin Parfumer Paris (BMPP)

Business and Philanthropy

Blaise Mautin resides in Paris, France and travels extensively. He has his own line of exclusive Blaise Mautin fragrances, toiletries, and creates custom luxury scents and fragrance lines for elite clientele including, 5-star and boutique luxury hotels, and haute couture fashion houses around the world. Blaise has his own fragrance and design company, Blaise Mautin Perfumer Paris. Blaise passionately supports the “Make a Wish” Foundation.

Book (Co-author)

Blaise co-authored “Le Cuisinier et Le Parfumeur; 45 epices, 45 recettes, 45 accords parfaits” (2008) – with Jean-Marc Notelet

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In addition to creating luxurious signature fragrances for the world’s most affluent and elite, including global CEOs, oligarchs, entertainment stars, and royalty, Blaise Mautin creates signature luxury fragrance and bath lines, hospitality products, candle scents and cosmetics for the following luxury hotels and resorts:


*Hotel Bristol – Paris, France (5star)
*Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme Hotel – Paris, France (5star)
*La Bastide De Gordes & Spa – Gordes, France (5star)
*Hotel Les Airelles (child line) – Courchevel, France (5star)
*Chateau de la Messardière in Saint-Tropez, France (5star)
*Hotel Ste Victoire Vauvenargue – Vauvenargue, France (4star)

Europe (other)

*Park Hyatt Hotel – Vienna, Austria (5star)
*Bergergut Hotel in Afiest, Austria (5star)
*Aviva Hotel – Sankt Stefan am Walde, Austria (5star)
*Brenners Park – Hotel & Spa – Baden-Baden, Germany (5star)
*Park Hyatt-Villa Magna – Madrid, Spain (5star)
*Park Hyatt – Zürich, Switzerland (5star)
*Hotel Innside Palma Bosque – Palma De Mallorca, Spain (4star)
*Hotel De L’Europe – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (5stars)
*Troia Design Hotel – Carvalhal, Portugal (5star)
*Suites Alba Resort & Spa – Lagoa, Portugal (5star)
*Albergo Gelsomino – Kos Island, Greece (5star)
*Park Hyatt – Istanbul, Turkey (5star)
*Raffles, Hotel Europejski – Warsaw, Poland (5star)


*Hiroki Nakamura, fashion designer of VISVIM (Japan) – 18th century revival fragrances and 7 bespoke fragrances
*scented candles for Hiroki Nakamura – Tokyo, Japan
*Kataoka Joaillers – Tokyo, Japan
*Park Hyatt Baku – Baku, Azerbaijan (5star)


*Hotel Villa Medici – Florence, Italy (5star) Sina
*Hotel The Gray – Milan, Italy (5star) Sina
*Hotel Bernini Bristol – Rome, Italy (5star) Sina
*Centurion Palace – Venice, Italy (5star) Sina
*Hotel Sant’ Angelo – Matera, Italy (4star)
*Gallia Palace Hotel – Punta Ala (GR), Italy (5star) Relais et Chateaux
*Hotel Brufani Palace – Perou, Italy (5star) Sina
*Maradiva Villas & Resort Spa Hotel – Maradiva, Mauritius (5star) – Island nation


*Park Hyatt – Washington, DC, USA (5star)
*Park Hyatt Chicago, USA (5star)

Middle East

*Park Hyatt – Dubai, United Arab Emirates (5star)
*Park Hyatt Jeddah – Marine, Club & Spa – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (5star)
*Al Bustan Palace – A Ritz Carlton Hotel – Muscat, Oman (5star)


*Ararat Park Hyatt – Moscow, Russia (5star)


*Kempinski Hotel Suites
(5star Alliance)


Fencing, Golf, and Scuba Diving
Member of the Automobile Club de France.

In the Media

“Crystal bottles adorned with jewels (containing Blaise Mautin bespoke fragrances) are works of art.” (2012) “Hello Lovely accessed (http://www.hellolovelystudio.com)


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*Annick Le Guérer, The Perfume: From Origins to Today, Odile Jacob, 2005 (ISBN 9782738116703, read online)
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