Emma B.

Paris / France

“Blaise Mautin m’invite au voyage, drappée dans ses Cuirs, sa Lavande ou ses Ambres. Sublime. intemporel. la délicatesse de ses parfums me touche en plein coeur.”

Cédric R.

Paris / France

“Chaque jour élégamment vêtu du Vetyver: un raffinement très apprécié.”

Guillaume D.

Melbourne / Australia

“Incredible, INCROYABLE!!! The fragrances are unique. If you try Rose you will be hooked! And, Vétiver…my signature. Thanks Blaise you are so talented.”

Charles P.

Chicago / USA

“This bath line is outstanding. It reminds me that nothing exceeds like excess! Perfect scent. Top shelf.”

Georgina D.

Edinburgh / Scotland

“I love using these bath amenities. I can enjoy the feeling of a luxury hotel bath while staying home. It’s a nice escape after a stressful work day. It has a sophisticated light scent.”

John H.

Los Angeles / USA

“What a great discovery to find this rich amber cologne. I have never experienced a fragrance like this before. It’s awesome! People always say this smells so good when I wear it. It’s my new signature scent. Love it!”

Bianca R.

Boston / USA

“I love roses and Blaise Mautin’s rose fragrance makes me feel like I’m standing in the middle of a blooming English rose garden. I cannot live without it!”

Peter S.

San Francisco / USA

“This Vetiver fragrance is very high quality and something special! Believe me.”

Patrick M.

Paris / France

“Since I’ve been wearing Blaise Mautin’s lavender scent these last few months, I receive so many compliments. People say it smells incredible and ask me, “What is it?” This has never happened to me before.”

Samuel B.

Tel Aviv / Israel

“This perfume is exactly what you need when you live in a warm country. It is so fresh and intoxicating. Absolutely fantastic, Blaise.”

Mika C.

Kyoto / Japan

”This fragrance smells so clean. I absolutely love this kind of fragrance. The scent of orange flower is just so delicate. It is a joy to apply this perfume every morning. It makes me smile. Thank you.”

Maria T.

Barcelona / Spain

“Musk perfume is my absolute favorite scent. Blaise Mautin’s white musk expresses everything I adore about musk with an added slight note of aoud. It smells very soft. I feel so vibrant when I wear it.”

Inaya A.

Dubai / UAE

“I am an expert on aoud perfumes and this one is perfect. It is intense without being too strong, and it really takes you to another dimension. This aoud absolutely makes a sophisticated statement when I wear it.”

Agnes H.

Nice / France

“Every year I look forward to May when I can smell the fantastic fragrance of Liliy of the Valley in bloom. This fragrance allows me to experience this lovely smell year-round. The scent is so accurate. It feels like there is a real flower just next to you. This fragrance is heavenly.”

John W.

Geneva / Switzerland

“Everyday. I wear this and it always puts me in a great mood! This scent is refined, subtle, and calming. It smells like something from a beautiful palace. Thank you, thank you.”