Vetyver / Vetiver

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Earthy with Woody Notes and Rich Notes (Unisex) – Vetiver is captivating, inspiring, and highly desired. Derived from a root grown in tropical nations, the scent of vetiver captures the imagination with its juxtaposition of being exotic and familiar at the same time.

Head notes: Lemon HE, Sweet Orange HE (from Italy)
Middle note: Vetiver
Base notes: Vetiver, Nutmeg HE

Blaise Mautin has created a bespoke embossed packaging envelope for his new fragrance collection, which embraces being environmentally conscious while serving as his personal message to you.

Vetyver is a root that grows in tropical countries such as Haiti, Polynesia or l’ile de la Reunion. We collect the root and we obtain an essence, oil of Vetiver. The fragrance is characteristic and something you never forget. In my childhood I was already captivated by this fragrance and this is why I present today my vision of what Vetyver for me should be like. I hope you enjoy it.

Head notes

  • Lemmon and sweet orange from Italy

Middle note

  • Vetyver

Base note

  • Vetyver
  • Nutmeg


Lilial.Linalol.Iso eugenol.Hydroxycitronnellal.Geraniol.Farnesol.Eugenol.D
Limonene.Coumarine.Citronellol.Citral.Benzyl Benzoat.Alpha Isomethyl Ionone


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100 ml, 50 ml, 30 ml, 7.5 ml sample spray