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Floral – Exquisite with a delicate fragrance of the freshest English rose garden. Rose is made from the finest natural rose petals – 1 KG of pure rose essence is produced from 8 to 9 tons of rose petals which are collected in a single night.

Head notes: Rose HE, Rose ABS
Middle notes: Jasmine, Tuberose
Base notes: Iris, Camphor

Blaise Mautin has created a bespoke embossed packaging envelope for his new fragrance collection, which embraces being environmentally conscious while serving as his personal message to you.

In 1904, a famous perfume designer put on the market a fragrance which had the particularity to be rose based only, the perfume had an extraordinary success. When I discovered this fragrance 23 years ago I was totally amazed to see how natural and beautiful rose fragrance can be. Rose BM01 is the result of 20 years of research and the effect of this fragrance is incredible you can literally see the rose when you smell it, it’s truly amazing.

The ingredients used in the fragrance is extremely expensive because they are from natural rose petals, let me remind you to obtain 1 KG of essence of rose you need around 8 to 9 tons of rose petals collected in 1 night and in my ROSE BM01 I put a lot of rose oil.

Head notes

  • Rose HE
  • Rose ABS

Middle notes

  • Jasmin
  • Tubéreuse

Base notes

  • Iris and camphor


.Linalool.Citral.Iso eugenol.Cinnamyl alcohol.Geraniol.Cinnamaldehyde.D.Limonene Benzyl
Salicylate.Citronellol.Benzyl Benzoate.Benzyl Alcohol


Weight .561 kg

100 ml, 50 ml, 30 ml, 7.5 ml

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