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Woodsy and Powdery / Warm (Unisex) – One of the oldest royal scents, the amber perfume family finds its origins in the famous and extraordinary scent of grey amber which originates from whales and the sea. Though this scent is not born directly from grey amber, it nonetheless embodies the true richness and subtle warmth of a truly inspired resinous amber.

Head Notes: Tangerine HE, Lemon HE, Bergamot HE
Middle notes: Rose HE, Jasmine ABS
Base note: Helitropinn, Tonka Bean ABS, Iris, Vetiver HE

Blaise Mautin has created a bespoke embossed packaging envelope for his new fragrance collection, which embraces being environmentally conscious while serving as his personal message to you.

The Amber perfume family has its origins in the famous and extraordinary of what we call Grey amber, which come from the sperm whale. In the deep see the sperm whale find its food in giant squid. They swallow the entire animal but there is one part of the squid that the sperm whale does not digest, which is the solid squid beak.

The enzymes around the beak form a solid stone inside the sperm whale’s stomach that the whale rejects. This stone floats on the sea for months and the reaction between the sun and the sea salt creates a chemical reaction. The reaction will give the sperm whale’s rejected stone a very peculiar fragrance, these stones are then collected on the beach by those who know how extraordinary the natural fragrance is after months or even years after the stone has been rejected from the sperm whale and has been floating on the ocean sea.

The Amber BM01 is the result of one question I had in mind for a long time which was “In what fragrance type, would a perfume designer put grey amber into their fragrance?”

I researched extensively and the result of my research is in this fragrance even if I did not put natural grey amber in Amber BM01, I know the grey amber oil will find its place in this formula. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Head notes

  • Tangerines oil
  • Lemon oil
  • Bergamot oil

Middle notes

  • Rose oil
  • Jasmine oil

Base notes

  • Heliotropine
  • Tonka beans oil
  • Iris rde
  • Vetiver oil


Linalol.Iso eugenol.Eugenol.Geraniol.Farnesol.Benzyl Salicilate.Alpha Iso Methyl Ionone


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