Description of the BM01 Fragrance Collection

The BM01 Fragrance Collection of world renown Bespoke Parfumeur, Blaise Mautin, classically schooled at Versailles, France offers ten (10) Signature Fragrances:

Rose, Amber, White Musk, Lily of the Valley, Aoud, Lavender, Neroli Flower, Leather, Vetiver, and Orange Flower.


One (1) Blaise Mautin Luxury Blue Hotel Bath Line / Bath Amenities

BM01: Rose / Rose

Floral – Exquisite with a delicate fragrance of the freshest English rose garden. Rose is made from the finest natural rose petals – 1 KG of pure rose essence is produced from 8 to 9 tons of rose petals which are collected in a single night.

Head notes: Rose HE, Rose ABS
Middle notes: Jasmine, Tuberose
Base notes: Iris, Camphor

BM01: Ambre / Amber

Woodsy and Powdery / Warm (Unisex) – One of the oldest royal scents, the amber perfume family finds its origins in the famous and extraordinary scent of grey amber which originates from whales and the sea. Though this scent is not born directly from grey amber, it nonetheless embodies the true richness and subtle warmth of a truly inspired resinous amber.

Head Notes: Tangerine HE, Lemon HE, Bergamot HE
Middle notes: Rose HE, Jasmine ABS
Base note: Helitropinn, Tonka Bean ABS, Iris, Vetiver HE

BM01: Musc Blanc / White Musk

Fresh and Musky (Unisex) – One of the oldest and most desirable original fragrances dating from the 6th century. A popular scent in the Middle East with a touch of aoud added. Known to be subtly reflective of pheromones.

Head notes: Geranium HE (from Egypt), Rose HE
Middle notes: White Musk – which is the result of an association of several musks combined together
Base notes: Saffron, Cypriol HE (from India)

BM01: Muguet / Lily of the Valley

Floral – A highly unique and prized fragrant spring flower given to a special love in early May in France. As the essential oil is unable to be extracted, this is a most delicately crafted masterpiece. Lily of the Valley is said to evoke pure love.

Head notes: Rose HE
Middle notes: Jasmine ABS, Hydroxycitronnellal
Base notes: Heliotropinn

BM01: Aoud / Aoud

Woody / Musky / Rich (Unisex) – Inspired by the Middle East, this exotic and rich scent lingers softly on the wearer. It is enchanting, while also being unforgettable. With its subtle appeal, the fragrance of aoud lingers inside the soul.

Head notes: Lemon HE, Rose HE
Middle notes: Aoud (from India)
Base notes: Aoud and Sandalwood (from India)

BM01: Lavande / Lavender

Lavender (Unisex)- Sophisticated and light, derived from the lavender plant. Elegant with a European flair, lavender is a sophisticated daily fragrance with a clean and crisp finish.

Head notes: Orange HE, Bergamot HE, Lemon HE, Grapefruit HE (US), Lavender HE
Middle note: Lavender HE
Base notes: Musk, Tonka Beans, Tolu RDE, Lavender HE

BM01: Neroli / Neroli Flower

Floral Delicate (Unisex) – Subtle and refined. A very soft and delicate beautiful fragrance. The rare Neroli flower has been a favorite fragrance of kings, queens, and emperors throughout time.

Head notes: Orange HE, Grapefruit HE, Petitgrain from Paraguay HE
Middle notes: Neroli Flower HE
Base notes: Vetiver HE, Natural Vanilla from Madagascar ABS

BM01: Cuir / Leather

Leather / Warm (Unisex) -An ultimate scent of luxury. The scent of leather is sensual and soothing. Exquisite and fashionable while remaining understated.

Head notes: Lemon HE, Bergamot HE
Middle notes: Jasmine ABS, Cypriol HE (from India)
Base notes: Iris, Labdanum RD, Benzoin HE

BM01: Vetyver / Vetiver

Earthy with Woody Notes and Rich Notes (Unisex) – Vetiver is captivating, inspiring, and highly desired. Derived from a root grown in tropical nations, the scent of vetiver captures the imagination with its juxtaposition of being exotic and familiar at the same time.

Head notes: Lemon HE, Sweet Orange HE (from Italy)
Middle note: Vetiver
Base notes: Vetiver, Nutmeg HE

BM01: Fleur d’Oranger / Orange Flower

Citrus (Unisex) – Fresh, delicate, and absolutely unforgettable. An elegant and natural fragrance smelling softly of sweet orange flower trees in Morocco, it transports the wearer to another time and place.

Head notes: Grapefruit HE (US), Lemon HE, Bergamot HE
Middle notes: Orange Flower HE
Base note: Rosemary HE,
Natural Vanilla ABS (from Madagascar)

Blaise Mautin Luxury Blue Hotel Bath Line / Bath Amenities – Blaise Mautin Luxueuse de Lingne de Bain pour Hotel

Fresh (Unisex) – Infused with ylang ylang from the Caribbean, this exotic and refreshing bespoke bathing scent is offered exclusively, internationally in many of the world’s finest five-star (5*) hotels.

Head notes: Lemon HE, Petitgrain HE (from Paraguay), Sweet Orange HE (from Italy)
Middle notes: Ylang Ylang HE, Orange Flowers ABS
Base note: Thyme HE, Clary Sage HE, Vetiver HE

Live in luxury with Blaise Mautin – the world is yours.

by: KC Martin, Global Brand Ambassador for Blaise Mautin

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