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Blaise Mautin is one of the world’s most exclusive, bespoke perfumers. Based in Paris, and from a long lineage of affluent Parisians, Blaise has spent almost a quarter of a century creating and perfecting the most incredible and elegant fragrances and bath lines for the finest private clientele and the most luxurious 5-star hotels around the world.

Blaise Mautin’s newly released BM01 Fragrance Collection was created in his private Paris perfume laboratory with careful attention to the collection’s every detail. Blaise’s vision with this fragrance line was to transform the perfume experience for each customer by deconstructing the most beautiful and complex fragrance scents ever envisioned, and refining and offering them in their purest essence in his new collection.

Fragrances, in general, for decades have been a mixture of overlapping and conflicting scents paired with marketing bravado, thus creating confusion for the wearer with a lack of fragrance authenticity and often overpowering fragrant notes. Blaise Mautin is looking to change that with his elegant BM01 X International Envelope Fragrance Collection by offering his exquisite fragrances to the public for the first time. Each of the collection’s 10 scents are sublime and simply irresistible.

“I wanted this new international fragrance collection for the public to be very special,” Blaise says. “It was important that each fragrance stand out to be exclusively beautiful in its own right, without too many additives or complicated fragrant notes. I wanted this collection to express a variety of pure scents that would transcend other fragrances, while not compromising anything in terms of quality, experience, or pleasure.”

Each refined fragrance in the BM01 Fragrance Collection is highly exceptional. While each of the scents have the ability to be combined and layered, Blaise wanted each fragrance: Rose, Amber, White Musk, Lily of the Valley, Aoud, Lavender, Neroli Flower, Leather, Vetiver, and Orange Flower to convey its fragrant notes in the purest of manners in order to evoke a sense of raw emotion in its wearer.

The BM01 Fragrance Collection reflects the classic scents well known in the fragrance industry, as each of the 10 fragrance scents are used to form the base notes of most fragrances existing today, which confirms that these scents are the foundation for the majority of the fragrance industry.

“I am really excited to offer something so timeless and special to the public at this time in my life,” Blaise says. “I have practiced at the highest levels of the perfume industry throughout my career to the most exacting of standards. I want everything I create to be the absolute best and of the highest quality. The fragrances of the BM01 Fragrance Collection are so exclusive that in many cases, it will feel for the wearer as if they are smelling each fragrance scent for the very first time.”

Blaise studied at the International Higher Institute of Perfume and Cosmetics and Food Aromatic (ISIPCA) – Versailles (France), and is a Knight of Arts and Letters – Ministry of Culture (France), having also received the Golden Lily of the French Patronage for the promotion of values, respect for human beings and young talents. He travels constantly around the world and takes profound inspiration from his surroundings. “I’m most inspired when I’m travelling,” Blaise continues, “I love being able to travel the world to see and experience the beauty of so many different and incredible cultures.”

Each fragrance in this new collection is remarkable. You will know it immediately when you smell them. You will know right away that they are signature scents.

“I am so pleased to be able to expand my legacy at this time, and to share my unique techniques for exceptional perfume creation with the public. It brings me a great happiness and satisfaction to see the BM01 Fragrance Collection now available without compromise in quality or vision,” Blaise finishes. “The Blaise Mautin luxury fragrance eparfumerie is revolutionizing the luxury fragrance industry by offering a direct link to the public online.”

Blaise invites you to discover the world direct from Paris by purchasing from the Blaise Mautin BM01 Fragrance Collection today at the new luxury eParfumerie at Just in time for the holidays!

by: KC Martin, Global Brand Ambassador for Blaise Mautin

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