KC Martin – Global Brand Ambassador

KC Martin is a global brand ambassador for Blaise Mautin, the Luxury Editor for Polo De’ Marco Magazine – Monaco, Monte Carlo (www.polodemarco.com), one of the world’s most exclusive luxury magazines with a concern also for social consciousness, and a luxury broker with Sotheby’s for over 15 years.

KC facilitates the buying and selling process of distinctive luxury real estate and luxury assets internationally through an ultra private and high-end exclusive network, while also facilitating direct access to Sotheby’s International Realty and Sotheby’s Auction House. Her clients include an array of high-net-worth individuals from all avenues of business including technology, investment banking, fashion, conservation, fine art, film, television, music, entertainment, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, CEOs, and international royalty.

KC loves to travel and prides herself on her business acumen and discretion.


contact: kcmartin2021@gmail.com